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Pots de Creme {Pioneer Woman}

27 Mar

(Review by Denise)

My man and I have a Monday night routine going: put the kids to bed early,  then eat a yummy dinner and/or dessert for two on the couch while watching our show. (Previously Walking Dead, now we’re back to Mad Men.) Recently I made The Pioneer Woman‘s Pots de Creme for us to savor during our living room date. (If you’re unsure if you’re pronouncing “pots de creme” correctly, Ree gives a lovely tutorial. We wouldn’t want to sound goofy, like pronouncing “jalapeno” with the “j” from “jam.” Just don’t do it.) Check out the recipe (and pronunciation) here.

I’m not gonna’ lie: they were fun to make. I love how she made mistakes on her own recipe and then later told us what went wrong and why. (Room temperature eggs to the rescue!) See how it starts out looking like this…

…but then just a bit of coffee makes it transform in color and consistency?

I knew I was saving those jelly jars for something. (According to Pinterest, you’re supposed to save all jars. You never know what emergency craft may call for a mason or jelly jar.)

Verdict? Pass. Yum! You’ll especially like them if you like dark chocolate.  But be warned: these babies are rich. As in…Richie Rich. I don’t know how Ree served her’s up in those giant martini glasses. Of course, that Walking Dead living room date would’ve been even more romantic if we had to share….


Coffee Bacon Sandwiches {Joy the Baker}

6 Mar

Coffee Bacon Sandwich

(Review by Denise)

Yes, you read that right. It really says coffee bacon. I would not be surprised if soon, because of Joy the Baker, urban cafes across the country will begin serving the stuff. Hipsters will line up at the doors. Eventually the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives will feature a place in San Francisco or Portland that serves it and Guy Fieri will say, “This coffee bacon just took me to Flavor-town. This stuff is money.” Check out the recipe here. While you’re there, just check out Joy the Baker. It is my favorite food blog. (She just released a cookbook, too!)

When I made the coffee marinade for the bacon, it scared me. It looked like tar. And don’t do what I did and try the stuff on your fingertip!! Gack! (That is, unless, you just love to snack on coffee grounds. In which case I suggest you may need a coffee intervention.) And the goat cheese spread? Have you gone over there yet and read the ingredients? There are no words. I made our sandwiches on a local baker’s sourdough bread. I knew this sandwich called for something other than plain ol’ bread.

Not burned bacon. Coffee bacon.

Verdict? Pass. As in, this is the best sandwich I think I’ve ever eaten. It was also the strangest sandwich I’ve ever eaten. One bite and I had to pause from chewing and reflect on all the flavors going on in my mouth. Every bite got better. My man and I were so sad there were only the two. How on earth did Joy invent this utopian sandwich? She is some sort of genius, weighing each flavor in a magical flavor scale until each one perfectly balances with the others. The Coffee Bacon Sandwich was edible harmony. I never knew that was possible.