Country Club Chicken {Kayotic Kitchen}

12 Mar

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(Review by Marci)
It is still winter weather up here in Washington State. Of course, if you ask anyone who has lived here for more than two years, this is actually spring weather!  Coming from spending 10 years soaking up the sun in Arizona, I say if I still have to wear gloves and a hat or snow is still in the forecast, it is winter.  Last year “winter” lasted until July!  So, with the cold still seeping into my bones, I was in the mood for some hearty comfort food.  When I saw the photo of Kayotic Kitchen‘s Country Club Chicken on Pinterest, I bundled up the kids and headed to the store for the ingredients. (Side Note: If you have ever gone grocery shopping with kids, you already know that I forgot half the items on my list.)  Check out the recipe here.
This meal took every ounce of my cooking abilities.  Kay has some beautiful photos of the steps involved, and there are a lot!  Luckily, since I forgot the mushrooms and apples, I got to skip those steps.  It still took the full 90 minutes to make.  The one thing that made me a little nervous was that you don’t drain the bacon grease.  It becomes the base for the sauce.  While this made for a delicious, mouth-watering dish, I couldn’t help but apologize to my heart and waistline for what I was about to do to them
Verdict: Pass (with a side of guilt).  This was A.MAZ.ING!  Mine did not look nearly as pretty as Kay’s photos and the kids were a little wary when they saw it, but we all loved it.  My dad came over for dinner that night and kept exclaiming, “This is SO good!”  My stomach was not very happy with me the next day, but I still ate the leftovers for lunch.  Next time I would like to try it with all the ingredients; I wonder how it will affect the flavor.  Overall, a great cold-weather comfort food!

Old-Style Mustard and Rosemary Asparagus

10 Mar

(Review by Denise)

I may have mentioned before that my family loves asparagus. This is no small joy because we’re a family of five. Pleasing everyone at once is not something I expect to accomplish at mealtime. I also happen to love any excuse to eat grainy mustard. Old-Style Mustard and Rosemary Asparagus seemed like a winning pin to me! Check out the recipe from Serious Eats right here.

Let me first tell you that the photo above is not really this recipe. (Sad, I know.) I made this recipe before I upped the ante on being careful with copyright conundrums, and it happened that I had a photo on my phone of asparagus. (What? You don’t snap phone pics of food for no reason?) But truth be told, it didn’t look much different: asparagus spears laid out on a parchment-lined baking sheet. But did it taste different from plain ol’ roasted asparagus? Yep.

Verdict? Pass. Here’s my recommendation to you: If you aren’t already a card carrier for the Asparagus Fan Club, this is a great recipe to try. It is easy and it adds enough flavor to “break in” your palette for the wonders of this spring vegetable. We prefer it with just olive oil, salt and pepper. But if the ingredients appeal to you, so will the taste.

Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake {Alexandra’s Kitchen}

9 Mar

(Review by Denise)

Blueberries + breakfast= my favorite. The recipe for Buttermilk-Blueberry Cake over at Alexandra’s Kitchen is a great idea: she wanted it “cake-like but not dessert-like.” It seemed just the thing to bring over for the coffee-and-play-date my friend and I had planned together. (We hype the kids up on coffee and then she and I play.) Check out Alexandra’s recipe here.

This batter is very thick. It only has one egg and just a bit of buttermilk to combat all the dry ingredients. But again, I trusted that played into the “not dessert-like” goal. My friend wondered if it would have a scone-like texture before we cut into it. Nope: totally moist and even a tad bit like dump cake. (Is there a middle ground between dump cake and regular cake? Soft cake?) If you don’t like that sort of softness you could certainly add cooking time. My friend and I like it like that.

Verdict? Pass. Delicious! So…think you’ll make it?

Pink Lemonade Pound Cake {Sugar Baby Aprons}

7 Mar

(Review by Denise)

Between lemons ripe-for-the-picking and lemon blossoms galore, it is lemon recipe time around here. The photo I pinned came from Sugar Baby Aprons and was so pretty. I knew this was the week to make it. Check out the recipe for Pink Lemonade Pound Cake right here.

Okay….did you do it? Did you see her photo? It’s like my cake photo above is looking in the mirror. Not! (I just said, “not.” Excuse me while I go turn on Debbie Gibson and hang up another poster of River Phoenix.)

Are you horrified at the comparison yet? It is truly laughable. Given the nature of her post (“I’m Dreamin of a Pink Christmas” with a string of pretty pink photos) as well as the genre of her blog (a store that sells retro-inspired aprons and sleepwear “where sex appeal never sleeps”), I don’t believe she took that photo after making the recipe. This is the internet. It happens. (I could also be wrong.) When you read the recipe you’ll see that the lemonade glaze isn’t exactly a glaze, like the one in her photo. It is actually poured into the bottom of the warm cake before it cools. (It makes it moist.) So the recipe and photo aren’t truly meant to match. (You can stop laughing at how horrible my cake looks in comparison now.)

Yellow cake batter + red food coloring = orange cake. (In case you were wondering.)

Verdict? Pass. I’m not eating her photo, after all. It was a solid recipe and very easy to make. My lemonade-loving kids especially liked it. The cake pretty much tastes just like lemonade: sweet and tart. (I added that glaze to make it pretty. It was just 1 cup of powdered sugar mixed with some fresh lemon juice and milk to a consistency I could pour.) So, what do you think?

Coffee Bacon Sandwiches {Joy the Baker}

6 Mar

Coffee Bacon Sandwich

(Review by Denise)

Yes, you read that right. It really says coffee bacon. I would not be surprised if soon, because of Joy the Baker, urban cafes across the country will begin serving the stuff. Hipsters will line up at the doors. Eventually the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives will feature a place in San Francisco or Portland that serves it and Guy Fieri will say, “This coffee bacon just took me to Flavor-town. This stuff is money.” Check out the recipe here. While you’re there, just check out Joy the Baker. It is my favorite food blog. (She just released a cookbook, too!)

When I made the coffee marinade for the bacon, it scared me. It looked like tar. And don’t do what I did and try the stuff on your fingertip!! Gack! (That is, unless, you just love to snack on coffee grounds. In which case I suggest you may need a coffee intervention.) And the goat cheese spread? Have you gone over there yet and read the ingredients? There are no words. I made our sandwiches on a local baker’s sourdough bread. I knew this sandwich called for something other than plain ol’ bread.

Not burned bacon. Coffee bacon.

Verdict? Pass. As in, this is the best sandwich I think I’ve ever eaten. It was also the strangest sandwich I’ve ever eaten. One bite and I had to pause from chewing and reflect on all the flavors going on in my mouth. Every bite got better. My man and I were so sad there were only the two. How on earth did Joy invent this utopian sandwich? She is some sort of genius, weighing each flavor in a magical flavor scale until each one perfectly balances with the others. The Coffee Bacon Sandwich was edible harmony. I never knew that was possible.

Pinterest and Copyright Fears

6 Mar

Someone who practised integrity, caution and respect.

(By Denise)

Since Pin Eat Review is a blog that directly uses the highly popular website Pinterest, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the fears about copyright infringement. I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice.

There is a lot of speculation about whether the idea behind Pinterest is even legal, because it sets us up to take images from other websites and use them for our own purposes. (Even if the only purpose is to put them on our Pinterest boards.) As of yet, there have been no legal threats involving Pinterest or Pinterest users. But for good reason it is time to exercise great caution and respect for the creative work of others.

For that reason, I’ll now be taking my own photos for the reviews. (There is one upcoming review on asparagus this week that will not have my own photo.) As I’ve done before, I will continue to give both credit and links to the websites who offer the recipes. I will also tell you enough about the recipe to let you know my experience, but never give the recipe here. I want you to click on over to Crumb, The Country Cook, and others. What I love about Pin Eat Review is the online sharing! I love having a website that’s sole purpose is to bring awareness to the work of others; in this case, recipes.

I think Pinterest is a neat site. Let’s keep it going by passing on an environment of integrity. Here are some simple ways to do that:

  • Always give credit to the original site when you pin something. (For example: “Oreo Pudding Poke Cake–by The Country Cook”)
  • Avoid simply repinning. Instead when you see a pin you like, click on over to the original site and pin from there.
  • Never give away the farm on your pin description. (Don’t write out the whole recipe, give the whole creative tip, etc.) Make sure the pin will send others to the site it came from.

In general, remember that every pin you see came from an actual person. It is easy to forget that online. (Just read the comments on nearly any news article! I doubt most people would say things like that to someone’s face.) I like knowing that even in something as simple as using Pinterest, we can reflect the wonderful aspects of our humanity.

Here are two helpful articles on this topic:

Plagiarism Today “A Word of Caution for Pinterest Users”

Amy Lynn Andrews “Pinterest and Copyright: What I’m Doing”

White Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce

5 Mar

Photo by Let's Dish Recipes

Before we dig in (get it?), I am so excited to announce Pin Eat Review‘s new reviewer! Marci is no one-trick-pony, either. She cooks dinner and makes awesome crocheted creations. (Maybe she does both at the same time!) Click on her name to check out her fun store, Crooked Hook Creations. So without further ado…

(Review by Marci)

I LOVE me some Mexican food! At my house we have taco night once a week…. at a minimum. This is partly due to my Mexican food crush and partly because of the minimal cooking involved. Cooking and I have had a very rocky relationship. I decided I might need to switch things up a bit when my kids arrived at the dinner table and moaned, “Tacos again?” Umm…yeah! Instead of crying like I wanted, I went on Pinterest and found this recipe for White Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce from Let’s Dish.

These were really easy to make! I threw some frozen chicken breast in the crock pot in the morning then shredded it. The hardest part was making the sauce, and only because I had to stir for like 5 whole minutes! We all loved them! I should have made a double batch because the girls each had 2, Husband had 3 and I was left with only 1. Then I scraped the extra sauce out of the pan with tortilla chips and didn’t share.