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Pinterest and Copyright Fears

6 Mar

Someone who practised integrity, caution and respect.

(By Denise)

Since Pin Eat Review is a blog that directly uses the highly popular website Pinterest, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the fears about copyright infringement. I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice.

There is a lot of speculation about whether the idea behind Pinterest is even legal, because it sets us up to take images from other websites and use them for our own purposes. (Even if the only purpose is to put them on our Pinterest boards.) As of yet, there have been no legal threats involving Pinterest or Pinterest users. But for good reason it is time to exercise great caution and respect for the creative work of others.

For that reason, I’ll now be taking my own photos for the reviews. (There is one upcoming review on asparagus this week that will not have my own photo.) As I’ve done before, I will continue to give both credit and links to the websites who offer the recipes. I will also tell you enough about the recipe to let you know my experience, but never give the recipe here. I want you to click on over to Crumb, The Country Cook, and others. What I love about Pin Eat Review is the online sharing! I love having a website that’s sole purpose is to bring awareness to the work of others; in this case, recipes.

I think Pinterest is a neat site. Let’s keep it going by passing on an environment of integrity. Here are some simple ways to do that:

  • Always give credit to the original site when you pin something. (For example: “Oreo Pudding Poke Cake–by The Country Cook”)
  • Avoid simply repinning. Instead when you see a pin you like, click on over to the original site and pin from there.
  • Never give away the farm on your pin description. (Don’t write out the whole recipe, give the whole creative tip, etc.) Make sure the pin will send others to the site it came from.

In general, remember that every pin you see came from an actual person. It is easy to forget that online. (Just read the comments on nearly any news article! I doubt most people would say things like that to someone’s face.) I like knowing that even in something as simple as using Pinterest, we can reflect the wonderful aspects of our humanity.

Here are two helpful articles on this topic:

Plagiarism Today “A Word of Caution for Pinterest Users”

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