Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake {Alexandra’s Kitchen}

9 Mar

(Review by Denise)

Blueberries + breakfast= my favorite. The recipe for Buttermilk-Blueberry Cake over at Alexandra’s Kitchen is a great idea: she wanted it “cake-like but not dessert-like.” It seemed just the thing to bring over for the coffee-and-play-date my friend and I had planned together. (We hype the kids up on coffee and then she and I play.) Check out Alexandra’s recipe here.

This batter is very thick. It only has one egg and just a bit of buttermilk to combat all the dry ingredients. But again, I trusted that played into the “not dessert-like” goal. My friend wondered if it would have a scone-like texture before we cut into it. Nope: totally moist and even a tad bit like dump cake. (Is there a middle ground between dump cake and regular cake? Soft cake?) If you don’t like that sort of softness you could certainly add cooking time. My friend and I like it like that.

Verdict? Pass. Delicious! So…think you’ll make it?


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