Pink Lemonade Pound Cake {Sugar Baby Aprons}

7 Mar

(Review by Denise)

Between lemons ripe-for-the-picking and lemon blossoms galore, it is lemon recipe time around here. The photo I pinned came from Sugar Baby Aprons and was so pretty. I knew this was the week to make it. Check out the recipe for Pink Lemonade Pound Cake right here.

Okay….did you do it? Did you see her photo? It’s like my cake photo above is looking in the mirror. Not! (I just said, “not.” Excuse me while I go turn on Debbie Gibson and hang up another poster of River Phoenix.)

Are you horrified at the comparison yet? It is truly laughable. Given the nature of her post (“I’m Dreamin of a Pink Christmas” with a string of pretty pink photos) as well as the genre of her blog (a store that sells retro-inspired aprons and sleepwear “where sex appeal never sleeps”), I don’t believe she took that photo after making the recipe. This is the internet. It happens. (I could also be wrong.) When you read the recipe you’ll see that the lemonade glaze isn’t exactly a glaze, like the one in her photo. It is actually poured into the bottom of the warm cake before it cools. (It makes it moist.) So the recipe and photo aren’t truly meant to match. (You can stop laughing at how horrible my cake looks in comparison now.)

Yellow cake batter + red food coloring = orange cake. (In case you were wondering.)

Verdict? Pass. I’m not eating her photo, after all. It was a solid recipe and very easy to make. My lemonade-loving kids especially liked it. The cake pretty much tastes just like lemonade: sweet and tart. (I added that glaze to make it pretty. It was just 1 cup of powdered sugar mixed with some fresh lemon juice and milk to a consistency I could pour.) So, what do you think?


2 Responses to “Pink Lemonade Pound Cake {Sugar Baby Aprons}”

  1. Rachel Walsh March 7, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

    I have made it and it looked alot better than that cake……mine was not black

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