Orange Buttercream Frosting

29 Feb

(Review by Denise)

I actually had to take my own photo of this recipe. Me! With my point-and-shoot! And my lack of perfectionism! But alas, the pin was quite boring: a fork and knife with a napkin. No cake. No frosting. No plates with puppies.  While the pin photo was boring, the All Recipes Orange Buttercream Frosting was not. Check it out here.

As you can see I decided to pair it with white cake. (Nothing fancy; just the boxed mix.) I am a lucky gal to have two orange trees in the backyard. This frosting was a better use of their creation than dropping on the ground for fruit flies. The recipe calls for two whole tablespoons of zest. Let me tell you something: that’s a lot. I just zested the entire orange and called it a day. (I use a microplane because they’re awesome.) I had full intentions of adding the food coloring to make it orange, but the zest gave it such a pretty, butter-yellow tint. Why mess with that? (And really, it was the zest and not the butter that made it butter yellow. I know because it was orange until all the powdered sugar went in.)

Verdict? Pass! My man, my mom and I all loved it. It was sweet without being over-the-top sweet. The zest made it pretty and fresh. The preschooler thought it was “too orangey” and the boy said it was “too orange-ish but not too orange-ish to eat.”  But kids eat things like Pixy Stix and call them delicious. I take that to mean Orange Buttercream Frosting is for the grown-ups. (More for me!)

What’s your take?


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