Quinoa Burger

28 Feb

(Review by Denise)

Have you been eating quinoa? I was slow to get on this train, but we really like it. I struggle to get enough protein in my diet and quinoa seems a good addition. Enter: The Quinoa Burger by Eating Well Living Thin. Check it out here.

You should know that from the get-go I never intended to call this a “burger” like Linda does in her recipe. Afterall, you say “burger” and I say “Hodad’s.” (You simply must go there next time you’re in San Diego.) I knew that no matter how divine this quinoa patty turned out–it would never be a burger.  You should also note that I used zucchini instead of carrot (she gives the option) and I omitted the green onion. I normally despise cottage cheese but I was happy use it in this incognito way. Again, more protein for me.

Verdict? Fail. (I know, right?) I couldn’t even call it a quinoa patty, because the batter was liquid. Despite adding big spoonfuls of cooked quinoa to thicken it up, it never got away from pancake consistency. And then…they stuck to my well-oiled nonstick skillet like skillet sticking was going out of style. They turned out pretty pathetic looking. For a side dish I cooked up the rest of the shredded zucchini and some carrots in a skillet, and just added those veggies to the quinoa disaster skillet to incorporate the browned pancake bits. My man actually liked them, which usually warrants a passing grade here, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pass them. I reread the recipe and swear I did everything like she said to. Could the green onions really have fixed my problem? I have my doubts.

Please let me know if you had better success! Eating Well Living Thin received comments from readers who successfully made her recipe. Maybe you will have better luck than I did.


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