Cake Batter Milkshakes

22 Feb

(Review by Denise)

Don’t you hate when you have to choose between cake batter and a milkshake? Oh wait…that’s never happened. And thanks to A Beautiful Mess you will never be put in that nightmare of a situation. I made the Funfetti version, but she includes recipes for both Devil’s Food and Pineapple Upside-Down cake batter shakes, too. Check them out here. (Don’t you just love how she decorated the rims of her glasses? She gives you the tip on how to do it.)

The kids were really gearing up for this one. Who am I kidding? I was gearing up for it. I even put out the blender and box of Funfetti long before dinner was even finished cooking. But I wonder if adorable Elsie of A Beautiful Mess owns a giant blender or one of those fancy milkshake makers you see in diners. As soon as I dumped the box in the blender I thought, “Oh no…what have I done?” By the time the oil and water went in, I knew there was no way the full amount of milk would make it if our milkshakes were to actually contain ice cream. I halved the milk and barely fit the lid on. Eventually I just took a wooden spoon and mashed up the ice cream against the blades and sides of the blender. (Warning: Don’t do that with the blender on, please. Also, don’t make this milkshake in the bath tub or operate heavy machinery when taking certain prescription medications.) In the end it seemed like it would’ve been too thin if I had added all the milk, anyway. Good thing there was no room.

Verdict? Pass. The boy’s first words after sipping: “All milkshakes should be made like this!” Big girl and I loved it, too. (Little girl lost her special treat privilege. It happens.) My critique is that about halfway through I thought, “I’m drinking a glass of cake batter.” At the same moment, the kids’ tummies must have had similar thoughts because we all left them unfinished. My tip: make them for a big group of friends and put them in itty-bitty glasses.

What do you think of these cake batter shakes?


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