S’mores Cookie Bars

17 Feb

(Review by Denise)

I think this was the first pinned recipe I ever made. I mean doesn’t that picture look so good? Check out the recipe here on Lovin’ from the Oven.

The recipe is very simple conceptually–not much to it. But practically I had snafus. For one, do you have any idea what a stinking son-of-a-buzzard marshmallow creme is to work with? It had been a while since I’d bought the stuff, so I was not prepared for its unmanagibility. I also had a hard time fitting the chocolate bars in neatly, so they went in cattywampus-style. (I’m sorry I don’t have a photo to capture that very technical term.)  By the time I got to the last layer of ingredients, I had given up hope of a beautiful dessert and just blobbed it on haphazardly.

Verdict? Pass. Surprised? They were good. But even more so, my man ate them and talked me into a more positive opinion. (He loved them.)  And this isn’t Baked Alaska or Thanksgiving turkey. Next time I will just say the Serenity Prayer when I get to the blasted marshmallow creme. What about you?


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