“Best Waffles Ever”

16 Feb

(Review by Denise)

I got a waffle maker for my birthday and last night’s breakfast-for-dinner was just the time to give it a whirl. I found this pin from Mr. Breakfast and thought it would be a good, standard recipe to start with. Check it out here.

I used to think the only difference between pancake and waffle batter was the oil. (We don’t want those babies to stick to the iron.) But Mr. Breakfast introduced a new concept to me: beating the egg whites separately to make the waffles extra light inside. He’s really on to something! The batter was like a cloud, and the waffles had the perfect crispness on the outside and fluffiness within. (If you prefer your waffles somewhat soft on the outside, putting them in the oven to stay warm at 200 degrees does the trick. A friend gave me that tip, and she was right! Everyone wins.)  

Verdict? Pass. Forget pancakes. These waffles are my new best friend! Have you ever beat the egg whites in waffle batter before? What do you think?

*Just in case you pancake lovers out there are as zealous as Neil Diamond fans, let me redeem the above statement for you by giving you this excellent pancake recipe by Under the Sycamore: http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2011/07/29/my-great-grandmas-pancakes/


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