Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge

15 Feb

(Review by Denise)

Pinterest was a plethora of Valentine’s Day recipes, crafts, and decor for a while there.  I stumbled upon this pin for Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge by Cookies and Cups and thought it was the perfect non-chocolate choice. (I don’t know about you, but we are swimming in Valentine’s Day chocolates around here. Not complaining.) Check out the recipe here, along with Shelly’s sweet-n-snarky commentary. (I love when a post makes me smile. Don’t you?)

I’m not going to recap this one for you because it is really that simple. One little recap from me and there’d be no need to visit Cookies and Cups. (Visiting other friendly blogs is part of what I love about Pin. Eat. Review!)  So let’s skip to the grade….

Verdict? Pass. Mine didn’t turn out nearly as cute, but that’s not surprising. I should teach a course in motley food presentation. I decorated it with Valentine’s M&M’s. The kids liked it, of course. But the surprise came when they went to bed and my man announced to me, “I just ate, like, six of those Valentine bars. I feel so full.”  A good sign! (Word to the wise: don’t eat six.)

What do you think?


One Response to “Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge”

  1. shelly (cookies and cups) February 15, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

    Thanks so much!!

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