“Orange Blueberry French Toast”

11 Feb

(Review by Denise)

Guess what we had for breakfast this morning?  Before bed last night I did a Pinterest search for “blueberry French toast” and stumbled upon this bad boy. Don’t you just love when you already have all the ingredients? Both the photo above and the recipe are found here on The Curvy Carrot.

Now when I said I already had all the ingredients, that was a half-truth. No brioche around here. I used plain ol’ wheat bread. I’m not a go-to-the-store-for-one-ingredient kind of gal. I admit, I had some skepticism that it would be too orange-y. I added a touch more maple syrup to the sauce and I omitted the orange zest because of that. You know what? It was a good balance. The sweet and acidic flavors blended really well. If you’re crazy about citrus, go with the whole orange shebang as The Crazy Carrot  did.

Verdict? Pass. It may not have flown me over the moon, but it was a fresh twist on a breakfast standard. I also love how they created their own syrup! What do you think of this recipe?


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