“Quick Mao Pao Tofu”

9 Feb

(Review by Denise.)

Buckle your seatbelts. This is the pin the doctor ordered. One more joy of Pinterest is discovering cooking blogs like La Fuji Mama. Like ethnic cuisine but don’t want to dine out? Her site is a great place to start. For example, check out the original recipe for Quick Mao Pao Tofu here.

The man and I love us some fried tofu–but this recipe adds ground pork! Imagine it: fried tofu and savory pork in your mouth at the same time. This is where Homer Simpson and Lisa Simpson’s palettes join hands and skip through fields together. (Or something equally euphoric.) I used orange juice instead of Shaoxing wine (I never claimed I was as cool as La Fuji Mama), and I’m too lazy intimidated to use fresh ginger. (I opted for kinda’ fresh ginger that was already minced in a jar. You know, like minced garlic in a jar. They were shelf neighbors, in fact.) I omitted the green onions because they don’t do it for me. Next time I think I’ll add some julienned carrots to take their colorful place.

Verdict? Total pass. This was a pass of the “get out of jail free” caliber.

Side note: My man ate his with chopsticks that look like tiny light sabers. Because we’re awesome around here.

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