“Easiest Dinner Ever”

9 Feb

(Review by Denise)

Recognize this picture? I saw it all over Pinterest and the photo’s simplicity said it all. Only five ingredients? Crock pot? Sold. The original recipe is found here, on a pretty little blog called The Larson Lingo.

I would give this recipe a gold star for how easy it was. Seriously folks, you just empty a bag of frozen chicken tenderloins into a crock pot, add a package of cream cheese, a can of corn, a can of black beans, and a can of Rotel. (I used “hot” Rotel.) I served it in taco shells. Two of my three kids actually finished their dinners. (The third child doesn’t count. I swear she eats nothing. It’s incredible.)

But in the end I have bad news: mega-low points for flavor and consistency. Seeing how I just metaphorically gave a gold star sticker for the easiness factor, I’d have to give a scratch-n-sniff skunk sticker for the taste. (Did anyone else get those for poor grades in first grade? Just me?)  I had to add a lot of salt and loaded it up with Nana’s hot sauce. (Fridge door score!)

Final verdict: Fail.

Everyone’s taste buds sing to different tunes. Have you tried The Larson Lingo‘s “Easiest Dinner Ever?” Take the poll!


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